So yesterday I had a Dr.’s appointment to get some new radio-graphs taken. [Sorry for the messy photo, my cell phone camera’s not wonderful!] It looks like things are healing the way they are supposed to, but unfortunately that means another 6 weeks in the brace, for a total of 3 months. As frustrating as this news comes to me, I realize again that I was very lucky and that things could have been so much worse. Plus, I’ve found a new normal living day to day with “Bracette” as I have named her. (Yes I named my brace, but its only because its easier to yell and scream at something with a name than an ordinary object). On the other hand, good news is they doubt I will have to undergo any physical therapy at this point. Sweet. So, it looks like Bracette and I will be bonding for another 6 weeks.

PS: Hope you guys got to enjoy some Black Friday shopping at all the sporting goods stores and websites!!! I know I def picked up some good gear at awesome discounts!!!

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