Mandela, McAfee, and Progress!


So I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Nelson Mandela (sorry for the late post). Today I hiked McAfee’s Knob, one of the most photographed sections of the Appalachian Trail along with my friends Jesse and Andrew. We brought Jesse’s 8 week old puppy Ranger (aka Scout’s worst nightmare) on his first ever hike, and after about three miles he passed out and we ended up carrying him the rest of the way. A huge thank you to Andrew for bringing his camera along! Keep up for more pics to come!!!




In other news, Monica, Jesse and I joined the Christiansburg Aquatic Center! Probably should have checked to see if I COULD swim before joining, but as we found out I CAN!!! Okay, so I can’t really do anything besides slowly doggy paddle and slowly half-@$$ backstroke, but it’s exciting that I found a way to be active again!!! BTW the crunchy sounds of overextending a back injury are waaay gross underwater…

Haha anyways, I’m off to write more sponsorship letters. Until next time, Happy Hiking!


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