Beagle Blog Entry #1

So as some of you have seen through mom’s Facebook, something terrible has happened! Mom’s stinking boyfriend adopted a coonhound/heeler mix rat puppy. Its totally gross looking, all black and brown like poop or mud. LOOK!

ImageThey call it ‘Ranger’. I call it ‘Devil Who Eats Everything and Beagles’ (aka DWEEB). SERIOUSLY! It won’t stop chasing or biting me and when it tires the thing HAS to be touching me in some way! Personal space DWEEB! I am NOT your mother! We don’t even look alike! See! That’s her below!


Anyways, my humans insist on bringing the DWEEB everywhere we go. WHY MOM? What was so wrong with only having one dog? I’m surely cute and cuddly and needy enough for both of you to enjoy! Why get a DWEEB? I’ll admit,  it caught me off guard the other day when I was sleeping. It lasted for about ten seconds before I awoke and mad a run for it.


Ugh. Puppies. I don’t think the DWEEB will be around long, soon the humans will realize that puppies are TERRIBLE! They brought him on a hike with us to McAfees Knob the other day and he slowed us down SO much! The DWEEB’s little legs can’t keep up very well yet. I dread the day he realized the stairs in the house are not monsters – that is my only sanctuary left! At least he is puny and small. Puppies don’t get any bigger right?

Until then beagle bloggers, Happy Tails!

-Scout, The Adventure Beagle

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