The Lettering Continues


So in order to fund my trip as many of you know I have created a GoFundMe account to beg and panhandle money from my friends and supporters. I know that my small income won’t  allow me to save too much and that I am an extreme hiker on a budget (I’m putting off finding a post-college career until after my thru-hike much to my parent’s frustrations) and that I will also need funds to survive on until I get re-established and working again post-AT. So the only other option is to try to get a good part of my gear donated. I have a lot of what I need for week or weekend trips but most of my gear is old worn or not heavy duty enough to last through 6 months of backpacking. Furthermore part of the reason I am hiking was to raise awareness and try to find sponsors for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. So I have prepared and sent TONS of letters to gear companies, outdoor outfitters, clubs, etc telling a little bit about me and what I am trying to accomplish, and asking to product test, for donations of used, returned, or unsold gear, and for monetary donations or sponsorship for the CDRF. How awesome would it be if someone pledged a donation to the CDRF of $1 for every mile I hike?? So fingers crossed that there are a few  good cookies out there who can help make this possible! Scout and I are anxious to get outta the brace and get back on the trails! We miss our weekend adventures and horses!


Oh and Scout is very helpful in preparing Christmas presents btw! He was my spare wrapping paper disposal unit and he even took the cardboard paper roll for me! So thoughtful….In other OTHER news we were all in the Christiansburg Christmas Parade Friday night! Scout and the Puppy and I walked with all of our barn family since I couldn’t ride a horse, We passed out business cards and the dogs got hundreds of pets from kids on the sidelines so they were happy!

Until the next blog y’all, Happy Trails! =)


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