2014 Gear/Clothing List



Brittany’s Clothing List For  2014 Thru-Hike

So big shocker, but wearing the same few outfits for months on end will literally destroy your fancy name brand, ultralight, quick drying, moisture wicking nonsense gear. Save yourself the heartache of watching your wallet die in a smelly sweat stained mess and instead save some cash by hitting up wall mart or goodwill for some functional gear.

Here is the current list of clothing that I have hiking with me three months in:

Two synthetic t shirts, two pairs of synthetic shorts with built in undies, a tank top, a sports bra, sleep shorts and two paid of socks. Three outfits total for hiking and sleep/town which is much more than most people carry. Oh and a rain jacket and gaiters. For cold weather gear I added a down jacket from wall mart and leggings with a pair of gloves and a knit hat I picked up from trail magic. In case you were interested, below was my original “fancy” list of hiking clothes.

For gear, this is what I carry at this point:

My pack, an osprey aura 65l that is to big for all of my gear at this point. I have my RAB sleeping bag, cook set from GSI, Köppen 1p tent, my platypus 3l bag and Sawyer mini filter, my first aid/toiletry kit, headlamp, bear line, AWOL guide, a backpackers tarp, stuff sacks from wall mart, and misc electronics.

For electronics I’m also a hoarder. I have a waterproof camera, iPhone, small Dell tablet, iPod and a speaker for music at the end of the day. And chargers that I can use for multiple devices. I honestly may even send the iPod and camera home since my iPhone works great.

The gear I carry before and after:

My gear when I left springer

My gear when I left springer

My gear now

My gear now

Even scout had a change:

Scouts gear when we left

Scouts gear when we left

Scouts gear now

Scouts gear now

In case you were wondering what my former hoarder self attempted to carry at the beginning of my thru hike, here is my foolish clothing list from springer :

 Cold weather hiking clothing

  • Dri-Star Cold Weather Compression Top
  • Terramar Hottitotties Midweight Baselayer pants
  • Polartec Windbloc Gloves
  • The North Face Women’s Convertible Hiking Pants/Shorts
  • Knit Hat
  • Danskin Now Women’s 1/4 Zip Knit Pullover Top
  • Danskin Now Women’s Fitted Performance Top
  • Danskin Now Women’s Semi-Fitted Performance Jacket
  • Down Feather Packable Winter Jacket

Cold Weather Sleeping Clothing

  • Nike Therm-A-Fit Athletic Pants
  • Nike Therm-A-Fit Women’s 1/4 zip top
  • Nike Therm-A-Fit Women’ Active Pullover

Warm Weather Hiking Clothing

  • Reebok Women’s Performance Tee
  • Reebok Women’s Active Tank
  • Old Navy Women’s Active Tank
  • Champion Women’s Shorts W/Built in liner
  • Champion women’s Skirt with built in compression shorts (x2)
  • Baseball Hat

Warm Weather Sleeping Clothing

  • Reebok Women’s Performance Tee
  • Terramar Hottitotties Midweight Baselayer pants

Misc Clothing Articles:

  • Bandana
  • Bikini
  • Hiking/sleeping socks
  • Underwear/compression shorts
  • 3 sports bras
  • Rain Jacket



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