Scout learns to cross the A-Frames

HAPPY NEW YEARS CAMPERS! Hope you all partied hard and had a great time! On the last day of the year, my friends and I went to see the Keefer Oak on part of the AT out by Newport. Diff sources say diff things, that it’s the largest or 2nd largest tree on the AT, that the girth is about 18-20 feet, etc. Either way, its a HUGE tree right on the trail. In the process of hiking that day, Scout learned to cross the A-Frames on the fence lines. It was hilarious, and in the last few seconds of the video you can see him tripping and getting a leg stuck on the ladder. Oops. After that, Jesse and I drove to NC to see some of my friends from college and we stayed up playing board games like Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples. Big crazy party hoppin right? It was a good time, and I tried a mixed drink I’d never seen before. Baileys Irish Cream and Root beer. It sounds terrible but was actually super tasty, and I’ll def be copying that recipe for future use. Anyways, hope everyone enjoys whatever time off work is left!
Happy Trails!


DSCF5093 DSCF5095 DSCF5096 DSCF5098 DSCF5100 DSCF5103 DSCF5106

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