Stay warm guys! Several Announcements!!!

Stay warm guys! BRING YOUR PETS INSIDE!!! For anyone planning to adventure out in the arctic conditions we are all currently experiencing, make sure to dress warm and stay safe! Those rocks get slippery and with conditions reaching the negative digits all over the US you’ve got to layer up! In fact, here is a great article on the art of layering with some good comparisons of diff materials and what to look for depending on the type of hike you are about to endure. Def worth checking out! =)




In other news, I know it may be a little premature but. the plates on my car ran up and since I had to get new ones anyways…..


ERHMERGERD!!!! I am so freaking excited about this hike and cannot wait until its time to depart! I’ve collected most of the gear I need from some very generous people, Christmas and through my own searching and ghetto-rigging. (For ex, why spend money on a ditty bag when you can just modify those cheapo drawstring bags companies pass out for free? They end up at goodwill for like 10c and all you need to do is cut one of the two drawstring straps off (the remaining strap has a variety of uses!) 

In other other news, I found a hiking partner too! Several new friends and I have been trying to coordinate start dates and while nothing is set in stone with any of them yet, the boyfriend has decided that he too is going to take part in long distance hiking. Whether or not Jesse decides to do the whole thing will depend on several factors as we move along the trail (him coming along would mean either bringing Ranger -the new dog- who is still pretty new to the whole scene or finding someone back home to long-term pet sit. There is a LOT of planing and detailing and gear collecting on his end but either way it will be awesome to have a definite hiking partner for the start of the trip. So everyone wish Jesse and Ranger good luck in preparing themselves for a good long hike too! Also to my guy buddies, Jesse is in need of pretty much everything for backpacking so if you have a sleeping bag or other gear please let us know what you’d want for it! We are already set on stoves, water filters, etc. 



For those of you wondering what’s going on with Scout the Adventure Beagle, he’s pretty much in hibernation mode (along with Jesse’s puppy Ranger. They are finally starting to like one another!)


Anyways, YAY! So excited, remember to help out you can always donate at my gofundme account (link in toolbar above) and if you have any gear you are looking to donate or sell at a cheapo price, lmk what you’ve got! =) 

Thanks guys and as always, Happy Trails! 


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