14 Days and Counting!!!

So the date is set, I’m finalizing my projected trip itinerary and I’ve got a plan! Time flies, its so hard to believe that six months ago I was stuck immobilized in a back brace and covered in bruises. (Harder still to believe that Rebel’s 1 year is approaching. I’m not looking forward to July 5th on the trail) Now I look at the world around me and see boxes piled high in my apartment, drop boxes made up and ready for mailing, and backpacking gear folded and organized neater than any dresser drawer I’ve ever owned. Heh, it reminds me of moving out of my college dorm at the end of every Spring.


So my wonderful contacts over at Team Reeve and I were discussing ideas for fundraising and WHALLAH- the sticker idea came to life. If you’re an outdoor nutjob like myself, you probably have a car, trunk, kayak, forehead, or SOMETHING covered in stickers with brand logos, events, etc. If you aren’t so crazy, you have to have seen some sort of SUV parading around town with the entire back glass covered in stickers. I have two theories behind this trend. 1. We like to show off our pride and gear even when its not with us. 2. Stickers are shiny and we like souvenirs. You can bet your shiny hiney that if I’m ever at an outdoor festival or any event really that has booths, if there’s free stuff that’s where I will be. Stalking…like a tiger…who wants stickers.

Okay back on subject, I sketched a quick design and turned it over to the lovely and talented Macky (my younger sister) because she appears to have the time and energy, not to mention the photoshop skills to bring it to life. Here is the before and after:

 orig id967992_10203569673227149_242408686_n

Amazing right? Lol so what we’ve decided to do to fund raise while on the trail is that Scout and I will be selling these stickers for $1.00 as we hike. Not only will we be carrying them with us, we will also have them for sale for $2.00 which includes mailing them to your address. If you’d like to order them, email me at britt08@vt.edu with your address and how many you’d like, and make a donation at our page :


 I hope to have these bad boys here in the next few days and we’ll get the ball rollin!

Stay tunes, and as always happy trails!



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